Environment: the only home for humans to live that provides air, food, shelter, and personal space.

The environment is the natural surrounding. It assists humans, animals, and plants grow and nourish beautifully. The environment plays a crucial role in the existence of all living beings and hence it should be dealt with kit gloves. But the role played by humans is utmost disheartening since they involve themselves in cutting dress, smoking, and usage and burning of plastics that adversely affect our surroundings. The environment is the place where we breathe and if the intake of oxygen is polluted then there is surely a decrease in the life span of all living beings.

KCTH organization works hard to solve issues concerned with the environment and constantly contributes to a better environment. We, as humans are bound with numerous roles to play. One such interesting role is to put collective efforts to save the environment from causing damage. The environment needs our united action to protect it from


Cutting of trees will indirectly result in lower production of oxygen. The effects of it include

Are some of the aspects that KCTH organization focuses to improve and allows us to come forward to participate in environment-related issues. In short, the way we build our home to stand against disasters and constantly design it to be appealing. In a much similar way, let us pledge ourselves to keep our environment beautiful and clean because cleanliness is considered next to godliness.